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Depending on where you live in the United States, the amount you need to make to get by can vary by a lot. While a family of three can manage on just over $48,000 a year in Mississippi, for example, it takes at least $60,000 a year to make ends meet in New Jersey, and even more in California.

That’s according to updated data from MIT’s living wage calculator, which determines the minimum amount necessary to meet basic needs without dipping into poverty or relying on outside help. The model takes into account factors such as child care and health insurance, in addition to food and other regular costs.

To illustrate how these numbers vary across the U.S., CNBC Make It mapped out what a living wage would be, or how much a family would need to earn to live above the poverty line without having to worry about how to afford groceries or housing, in every state. These numbers don’t include conveniences or luxuries such as restaurant meals, vacations or money left over for investments.

Here’s a closer look at what a living wage would be for a family of two adults and one child in every U.S. state.

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